Interview and Exhibition

Hurrah! I’ve had the interview and photos taken by two lovely ladies from the local Messenger paper. I’m glad they took the photos first, I was all pink after the talking bit! We did pics in various poses in my studio, I can’t wait to see which one they choose. I will of course link here when it’s out. I coped with the anxiety using a little-known technique called painting a new pair of shoes! They are looking awesome. 🙂 And now that my hands have stopped shaking a bit, I’m off to deliver my Ink not Blood series to the Grace Emily hotel for tonight’s event. I am all organised, everything’s framed, and the frame where the glass broke earlier today when I was stapling a ribbon across the back to hang it from has been replaced. (See? I hate framing!) And I have my folder of poems to read out tonight, so do join us for an hour or two if you have the evening free. I will be there with poems in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other… aaaaahhhh.

2 thoughts on “Interview and Exhibition

  1. Enjoy the night and the G & T, hopefully you're not driving and can enjoy more than the one (not until AFTER your recital) 😀
    Good luck and sorry I can't make it.


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