Messenger Article!

The Messenger article about me ran today! Not in my area, which is a bit unexpected and inconvenient. Does anyone live North and can you please save a paper for me?? Pretty please?

It’s also available online here. I’m so pleased with it. The photo is lovely too! (but see – no eyes!) That’s my studio, where a dining table would traditionally be. 🙂 What a lovely way to sum up my work – a collection of contrasts! I’m so thrilled!
Everybody drops the middle K from my name, so darn frustrating! But I’ve set up a LinkedIn profile now, so people doing a search for me will find that when they google Sarah Reece or Sarah K Reece, and through that they can find this blog. 🙂 Everything I write or produce will continue to have the K in it! I’ve been fighting this battle since primary school and I’m not about to give up now!
I’ve also finished my poppy shoes, with a touch of bead embroidery on the toes. It was surprisingly tricky to get a tiny beading needle all the way down inside the shoe for this – I had to use pliers several times because my fingers weren’t long enough! I’m really happy with the final product, they are so cheerful. 
Here they are, all ready for me to wear to the Mindshare launch today!

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