I’ve spent a little bit of time recently catching up with old articles I’ve written and uploading them in PDF format on my Articles page. Some folks like to print them out to share, and in any case having all of the articles together makes it easier for people who find searching the archives time consuming and frustrating. I’m usually a few articles behind at any one time because writing, editing and posting to the blog is time consuming enough every day without adding in the extra steps for the PDF. Usually every couple of weeks I set aside some time to go back and catch up.

I was pretty amazed to see that since I started this blog in August I have written 46 articles so far, at a total of over 60,000 words! That’s not including the rest of this blog, just the articles. Wow!

A few people have encouraged me to write a book about dissociation and I’d been thinking that if I took some of the articles as the starting point for various chapters and elaborated a bit more I’d probably be able to put together a book about managing dissociation pretty quickly. Now I’m starting to think that if I keep this up I’ll have to prune and edit instead!

As I’m currently swamped with study this isn’t a project I can put a lot of energy into right now. Second semester or next year, possibly. But I am mulling it all over and thinking about structure and format and pictures and how clinical or personal it should be and who the primary audience is.

What I am going to be working on soon however, is getting some booklets published. I’ve delivered a number of talks with complimentary artworks over the past couple of years and I frequently get requests for the talks in a booklet format that can easily be shared. I’ve been so keen to do this and feeling very frustrated that it’s taken a lot longer than I’d hoped to get it happening, mostly because of my mad schedule, partly because I’m broke. The first one is going to be the most difficult because I’ve never used the software you lay it out on before and I expect it to have a steep learning curve. Hopefully after that it will be easier to put together, and if I create them as a series then a lot of the formatting can be used from one to the next which will help to cut down on my workload and speed things up a little.

In the meantime, I’m concentrating on actually making time to recharge. I’m finding this a huge challenge which means things have become quite unbalanced. It’s hard to slow down! But I need to or I’ll fall apart. Even if it means some thing take longer or don’t get done. I’ve made up a big pot of chicken noodle soup for the week, washed a load of laundry, given Charlie a bath, had a bath myself, caught up with a couple of friends, done a rehearsal for the upcoming Fringe event, played some computer games, and listened to new music on youtube. Plans for some camping in a couple of months, starting to think about going away for my birthday somewhere. Rereading a favourite Alistair MacLean book, trying to work out how I’m going to actually start feeling like I live here and this is my home, house smells of garlic and thyme, bathroom’s been cleaned, rain keeps falling. Pretty awesome weekend.

2 thoughts on “Articles!

  1. I wrote a blog post about this subject today, paradoxically when one is stressed it seems hardest to slow down and take time out. Might try to get this entry out in a timely fashion.

    I've learned the hard way to take time out, my daily existence can get miserable pretty quickly without adequate R & R. Some activities are more regenerative than others (eg. lying down listening to certain types of music, or meditation and/or yoga. Spending a few hours in a conservation park off the beaten track is a favourite of mine).

    Good luck on recuperating and accomplishing all your goals.


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