Ceramics class is going well

This post is my third about my ceramics class. See my first post here and my second post here.

Feeling very content this evening after a most satisfying day! I trundled off to my counsellor this morning, I’ve seen her a few times now and I’m finding it really helpful. Not without challenges, digging around some childhood stuff is setting off some pretty bad nightmares, but I’m feeling excited and on the right path. 🙂

I was hoping to get lots of homework done this afternoon but ended up chatting to friends, making myself electronic sticky note reminders, thinking about things and hanging out. Then this evening I had ceramics class and it went really well! I have a few dollars this week and treated myself to a chai latte. I have not managed to remember to bring my camera even once yet, so I can’t show you how my ‘head‘ is progressing, but it’s looking great! I finished the eyes today, smoothed the surface, and did tribal style decorations in blue slip on it. It will now be fired at the lowest temperature, next week I’ll have to make the call if I want to add any glaze to it and re-fire at a higher temperature. I also made a pencil holder as today we found out we need at least four finished works and so far all of mine have been pinch pot or coil built, so I made one from soft slab and used it to practice painting the slip on. I know for all you non-ceramics folks I just started talking Swahili. I’ll post pictures later, I promise. I do have an image for a practice plate I made last week, two ways of applying dye-infused slip – through a nozzle almost like cake decorating, or painted on then scratched back.

 I decided on the nozzle decorations and a little brush work for the head. The head now looks really interesting and shamanistic, which is perfect as I’m going to fill it with dreams next. 🙂 I have only one more class to have everything finished by so hopefully nothing explodes in the kiln or gets dropped. Things are going well. 🙂

See my next ceramics post here.

2 thoughts on “Ceramics class is going well

  1. i saw my therapist today. i dissociated the whole session. kept splitting and it was hard she wants to see me again tomorrow so i am going before bridges.


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