Zoe In Trouble

This is what I woke up to Wednesday morning:

2012-08-30 00.34.42

2012-08-30 00.34.06

 Zoe’s been in trouble lately for getting onto my desk to steal food or drink cuppas, snatching things off benches and chewing them to bits- including her new and expensive extendable leash. Partly the fault is mine for not walking her enough, she’s young and full of beans. With the extra walking I’m doing catching buses a few days a week, I’m struggling to come home and walk Zoe as well. The extendable leash was good for letting her run about more too, on a short leash she walks exactly the same amount I do, and she needs a little more! I’m also trying to get her more interested in fetch but by far her favourite past time is chewing. I sweep up an incredible quantity of chewed wood and leaves from the lounge room every couple of days.

So, after a while being locked in the laundry, I let Zoe back in this morning, kept a close eye on her, but the moment I ducked into the bathroom to brush my hair she tore into the armchair again!

Back in the laundry, and left in the backyard plus laundry area when I went out today. When I get home this evening she tears into the armchair a few minutes after being let into the house! Argh!

So, some new rules. She is left to roam the backyard and laundry when I’m not home or awake. She is allowed in the house when I’m there to watch her. I’ve put a mirror on my computer desk to let me easily keep an eye on the armchair while I’m working or gaming. And I’m going to get my bike up and running again so I can run some energy off her, and and buy another extendable leash as soon as I can. And no leaves or sticks in the house, only the few remaining chew toys she hasn’t destroyed.

2012-08-30 00.35.44

Outside gets all the sticks and leaves she wants, bones to chew on, a bed in the shed, another one in the laundry, and warm dog blankets. So hopefully it won’t be all bad from her perspective. I never throw her outside as a punishment, and I play fetch with her out there and eat breakfast out there when the weather is good so… She makes a horrific racket if she’s locked outside even for a few minutes, but for some reason having access to the laundry seems to drastically reduce that.

This evening I took her for a ride in the car and introduced her to the fun of sticking your head out the window. Then watched a show with her dozing in my lap. After spending the day furious with her it’s important for me to spend time reconnecting and enjoying her company. We’ll get there.

2012-08-30 00.36.17

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