First Spring Rose

And isn’t she gorgeous! I’m not sure of her name, I thought she may be Fragrant Cloud but her colour is too pale and pink… Thoughts, anyone? Curse all the house moving, I like to know my plants by name! Glorious weather, I’ve ordered a little greenhouse online, when it arrives I’ll get set up and start sprouting some seeds!

In the meantime I got the house cleaned in my Friday off and wrestled with adobe audition and word press for a Radio Adelaide project. Apart from my email inbox, which is overflowing, the stack of paperwork colonising my desk, and my increasingly futile efforts to stay on top of my cluttered diary, things are going well today!

I reached overload in a big way this week with things of a religious/spiritual nature. I’ve some hot buttons in those areas and wound up having my first panic attack in a very long time! Managed to get home first, which always helps, cried for a couple of hours then dozed on the couch with Zoe. Too many early mornings are not helping, so I’m using the weekend to catch up on sleep, read, and get some serious work done on projects, ready for next week. It seems to be working, I’m feeling a lot better and I’ll just pace myself a lot more in the areas where I’m still raw. I’m not worried, I don’t feel it’s the start of some downward trend, just a bump in the road. We live and learn.

I appreciate hearing from you

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