Zoe is a ratbag

Boisterous puppy not getting enough exercise! She is too smart and too full of bounce, I am really going to have to work out more ways to keep her occupied and wear her out! Here she is pretending to be a parrot:

These were my nice black trousers before she pulled them off the line over night and chewed them up:

Sigh. It’s a good thing for her that she’s completely adorable! I’m car sharing with family who’s vehicle has kicked the bucket for the moment, so I wound up taking her for a fairly brisk 6.5km round trip yesterday to return library books, fill scripts, and buy milk. It didn’t even slightly slow her down that evening. I think I need to install a greyhound track in the backyard…

Sarsaparilla, on the other hand, is never taken for walks, has not chewed any of my clothes, furniture, or personal belongings, and is generally angelic:

Except for last night when he knocked over a huge glass of cordial by my bed, all over my phone and library books! Fortunately I leaped into action and everything survived unscathed, but that is not a good way to wake up at 6am! Gosh darn them, I don’t like it when they gang up on me like this!

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