Ch ch ch changes!

My life is doing one of those periods of massive change where horizons open so wide that everything pours into them like water down rapids and I feel like a snowflake in a blizzard. I’m adoring the work in eating disorders, as well as destabilized by it, making plans and remaking plans and making new plans after other things change… I’m excited and terrified and overjoyed and overwhelmed and…

 …in other news I  have a broken toe! My pinkie on my left foot came off worse when Zoe was racing about the backyard with excitement the other day as I went to feed her. 😦 

This hurt a lot, but not as bad as my really bad fibro days which was a little sobering when I thought about it. I’ve upgraded from a hop to a hobble which is partly killing my right ankle because I’m carrying a lot of weight on it and leaning on it in a funny way. So walks are right out at the moment, as is the furniture shifting I was planning for this weekend. Grr! It’s been much better today although I’ve also noticed that often my whole foot is numb so I suspect I’m just dissociating the pain and I’m trying to be extra careful of not knocking or hurting it while I can’t feel it. 
I’ve been giving more and more thought (prior to the toe incident) to how unsuitable my little yard and busy life are to a high energy puppy which is also hard to think about. Guilt and anxiety figure heavily into that process. I’m looking for answers. Love her to bits but can’t avoid the knowledge that this isn’t working very well at the moment.

I appreciate hearing from you

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