Finished bamboo cot sculpture

My sculpture class all finished our bamboo furniture projects recently, and set them up in an empty theatre at the college (I adore studying on a campus that is just a huge building dedicated to the creative arts)… to see how they looked when lighted. Pretty awesome is the answer. 

 Here’s the finished cot: I laced string over the plastered bamboo to form the bars of the cot and added a double curl to the base. The word that kept coming to mind while I was creating it was heartstrings.

 Lighting it was pretty effective.

 It also cast some pretty interesting shadows which I was happy about.

If I’d had more than a few weeks to work on this, I’d like to have taken it a lot further… I could envision a series of cots or bassinets, made out of different materials, strung with pearls, or rose petals, or crystals that shone with rainbows, or spider web… bars made from string, from long thorny rose stems, from glass beads… different reactions to the idea of having a child.

Nonetheless. Wishing I was able to spent more time in the sculpture studio. 

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