Why bother blogging?

Sometimes I find myself wondering about the value of spending my time blogging. Especially when I’m trying to make a business work as a face and body painter, having so much deeply personal information out there on the net really seems like shooting myself in the foot. In the wake of recent homophobia, I’m wrestling with conflicting impulses to wear my rainbow throw everywhere like a cape – or strip my public online world of every reference to my sexuality, relationship, and mental health.

Whenever I feel like this, I go into my blog and have a look at one area of the stats collected about how this site gets used – the words that people are typing into search engines like google to find my site. Here’s a short collection of things people have been searching the internet for when they found this blog:

    • How to be comfortable with intimacy
    • Grounding techniques for dissociation
    • Adults who lack object constancy
    • Do you need to speak about your trauma?
    • Therapist wants to talk about my childhood
    • I hate positive thinking
    • Dissociative identity disorder pamphlet
    • Safe sex
    • Afraid of my psychotic neighbour
    • Self harm tools
    • Intense self loathing
    • Chronically feeling suicidal
    • I hate myself

How can I not share?

Cape it is.

I appreciate hearing from you

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