Poem – Unplanned Pregnancy: A Holiest Art Form

Thinking so much about our plans for baby lately. This poem is also not one of mine, but it’s a gorgeous bookend to the poem The Planned Child that I posted recently. 🙂

Unplanned Pregnancy: A Holiest Art Form, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Make art about whatever of God
you have been given to apprehend.
Make enormous and miniscule art,
the kinds we may have to look at
through a microscope at first,
in order to truly see… God.
And make the kind of art which,
even from miles away,
is of such magnitude,
we cannot take it all in.
Call all of these anlagen, God.
…From the first spark
of two atomic dots,
to the fully formed body
that will carry the wild flame
…let no one tell you
God is unsuitable
to be portrayed
by your art thusly.
Let no one convince you your art
is not worthy enough, timely enough,
pragmatic enough, prepared enough
to portray this Godly form.
Some of us arrived on earth by being beckoned.
But, most of us snuck across the border at night,
taking our chances, proving again that God,
the Spark of Life, can and will pass through any wall.

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