Passed all the first tests


We went to see our doctor today and got the first round of blood tests back. Everything is looking great! All my levels are excellent, ditto my blood pressure, there’s only two points of caution. One is that I have no immunity to a couple of common viruses that are pretty harmless unless you are pregnant, so I need to be careful about snuggling up to sick kids, the other is that I have O- blood and the baby will most likely be O+ which simply means that I’ll need a few shots to prevent my body making antibodies to the baby’s blood. My GP is wonderful, she’s so happy for us and excited about the baby. She reminds me to soak it all up and enjoy it. 🙂

So everything is looking wonderful. I’m having a very easy ride at the moment. I’m craving salads, pickles, licorice, and salty crackers. I’m not having much trouble with nausea at all unless I eat rich foods. I’m tired but it’s pretty much the same levels as my fibro in this weather. I seem to be one of those incredibly lucky women who find pregnancy suits them – some women with fibro are the healthiest during pregnancy. Wow! Life is really going my way at the moment!

We had a bumpy couple of days recently when I experienced a little bit of bleeding. It’s not at all uncommon but Rose and I were both very anxious and she struggled with some flashbacks to her losses. It’s hard sometimes. We wound up talking each other through it by deciding that it wasn’t really possible to ‘not feel worried’, both of us were trying that and failing. So instead we went for ‘it’s okay to be scared, but until we definitely know for sure that we’ve lost this baby, we are going to be fighting for them and cheering them on’. That was something we could do. We also talked about a name, lovely but impractical, to give them if they don’t make it.

But things are settled and all is going well. We have our first ultrasound booked for a fortnight and we’ll get to hear the babies heartbeat. I’ve booked it for a day Rose isn’t working so she can come too. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. It’s funny, everyone keeps reassuring me it’s normal to be teary and hormonal – I’m pretty much always like this lol, emotional is what I do! In fact I’d say I’ve been the most consistently cheerful and content in the last fortnight than in forever. Rose agrees, although she has mentioned I’m also a little more irritable especially about anyone being an idiot or stirring up trouble. 😛 I’ll cop to that!

4 thoughts on “Passed all the first tests

  1. SOO excited for you guys. Praying for your health, for the baby’s health, for the process to go as smoothly as possible. You guys will be great moms. If there were a place to send gifts (like a PO box if you didn’t want to publish your actual address), I’d be inclined to send something…just saying… 🙂


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