I’m pregnant


Baby due midwinter 2016. 😀 Rose and I are two happy, dazed, teary ladies. We did a pregnancy test last night and another this morning and both have strong pink lines.

It’s early days. We’re at 4 weeks. If we can make it another 4, and have a good scan, then we’re through the high risk stage. Our miscarriage risk drops to about 2% and stays there for the rest of pregnancy (unless other stuff happens). Physically I feel great apart from being very tired and wanting to eat everything in the house.

Two nights ago Rose went to sing to my tummy like she has been for months and I asked her to stop because it hurt too much. We tested last night after I spent half an hour crying on our bed because it was so scary and overwhelming to have so much riding on it. I’ve been seeing whatever counsellors I can find with fertility experience lately, to help me get my head back together. One told me that the stats are that most couples who stop trying to get pregnant do not do so because there’s no money left or no hope left but because the emotional toll is too much. I completely understand that.

Last night I give Rose the test so she can be the one who tells me. I’m washing my hands in the bathroom and she comes up softly behind me and hugs me gently. She brings the test around so I can see it and it’s a strong positive. We cry and laugh and hug and pull back and hug again. Later she lights up – ‘Hey this means I can sing to your tummy again, right?’ Yes, love. Sing all you want. She hasn’t really stopped singing since.

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