Community Resources

Watercolour logo cropped copyrightI’m a social entrepreneur, creating local and international networks using online and social media resources. I help link people to resources and communities. All my time in creating the websites, welcome packs and other resources, and facilitating groups is unpaid and voluntary, which amounts to many thousands of hours since 2010. I fund these networks through my business, donations, and in kind support such as printing from local organisations. With more support they could grow further, because the need is profound and the gap in existing services so significant it’s life threatening for some.


The Dissociative Initiative

International Network for, by, and about people who experience any form of Dissociation, Amnesia, and Multiplicity. All are welcome. Our Online Discussion Group has 1,000+ members. Support the DI

The Hearing Voices Network of South Australia

South Australian Network for people who hear voices or have other experiences that may be termed ‘psychotic’. All are welcome. Support the HVNSA

Orange Bottles

International Network linking online and print resources about managing or safely stopping medications that have a psychological impact or are intended to treat mental illness. Derived from suggestions by the ISPS email group.  Support Orange Bottles


Social Activism has been a key aspect of my work. I am ‘out’ in many ways, in every context of my life. I work to responsibly represent my communities in various online and face to face settings. That means bringing the voices of people who experience multiplicity to mental health conferences, being part of trans visibility hashtags online, and talking with people working as shop clerks about chronic pain or disability. I usually attend several conferences each year to hold a space for the diverse experiences of my communities in the professional domains who are more accustomed to speaking about us and for us. I share my personal Blog publicly to humanise and demystify, as these have been shown to be keys to reducing fear and discrimination towards misunderstood and dis-empowered groups.

It is very important work to me but can also be costly, in many ways, and exhausting. I encourage my close people to help me gauge when I need to pull back and return to safer and more comfortable terrain. It’s also essential to my own health. I hold my own space in which I am, against all pulls and pressures, relentlessly human, and at times I walk away and trust to others to carry the flame.