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I’m currently contracting with the SA Mental Health Commission, implementing a state wide consultation process with their Community Engagement Team, among other things, and am only available to take on short term engagements or single events for the rest of 2017.

I’m passionate about my career, and have an excellent track record despite my health challenges and experience of disability so please feel confident in working with me! I have taken fewer than 10 sick days in over 3 years of work and more than 300 bookings. I am an expert in managing my health and responsibilities and can talk to you about my access needs. 🙂

For facepainting, glitter tattoos and more, go to sarahkreece.com.au

I can attend your group, organisation, or event in person or via skype

Certificates and Qualifications:

Fees are on a sliding scale, please contact me for a quote.