My Services

I’ve honed a wide range of Arts, Peer Work, and Community Development skills across many projects and in partnership with many organisations. Please contact me for a resume or to discuss your situation.

Are you looking for a Speaker or Training?

Learn more here. My work draws on two fields: Adversity, and Diversity. I share based on my personal and professional experience in these areas:

  • LGBTIQ matters
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Mental Health, Recovery, Caring
  • Dissociation/Multiplicity
  • Schizophrenia/Psychosis/Voice Hearing
  • Disability/Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain
  • Creativity/Arts
  • Miscarriage/Fertility
  • Sexual Health
  • Peer Work/Advocacy/Employment Support
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty

Do you need someone to talk to?

I offer a very limited number of hours for personal online support. I am a qualified mental health peer worker with many years experience providing one to one support. A peer worker is a non-medical companion, coach, or supporter who provides emotional support and/or practical help. I’m not a counsellor, therapist, or doctor. I will not diagnose, test, or treat any condition. I offer confidential supervision or mentoring, share experiences, strategies, resources, and a listening ear from someone who has been there – see my areas of experience above.

My process is one of facilitating a safe space for conversation and reflection. Conversations may be followed up with emails to share resources, remind of topics discussed, and support your own process.

My rates are $150 per 1 hour online session. Evenings and weekend times available.

Would you like support for your project or community development work?

Projects can be the most exciting and exhausting thing you do. Communities are wonderful, complicated, and at times exasperating. When you need someone smart, organised, and creative to bring a great idea to life with passion and sensitivity, think of me. Learn more here.

My Free Resources

My Blog

I’ve written many articles about diversity and adversity which are freely available on my blog.

The Dissociative Initiative

A peer based international network for, by, and about people who experience any form of Dissociation, Amnesia, and Multiplicity.

The multiple community is exceptionally vulnerable, traumatised and hidden. Suicide rates are extremely high and there is a profound need for better supports and inclusion for people like us. Everyone is welcome, peers with lived experience, family friends and carers, professionals, and others with an interest. Our Online Discussion Group has 1,500+ members.

The Hearing Voices Network of SA

Peer based local resource directing people to our local support groups and other resources. For, by, and about people who hear voices or have other experiences that may be termed ‘psychotic’. All are welcome.

The hearing voices community suffers significant stigma and marginalisation and is at high risk of human rights abuses in services. With social support and access to appropriate resources, people can and do recover or live well with their experiences.

Orange Bottles

Self help website linking online and print resources about managing or safely stopping medications that have a psychological impact or are intended to treat mental illness. Derived from suggestions by the ISPS email group