Hello wonderful folks!

Welcome to my online home, which is all about Creativity, Diversity, & Inclusion. ❤

I’m sharing a lot of free resources about creating safety for yourself and others during the pandemic, you can link in through emails from my Mailing List, or more regular updates on my Blog.

Adelaide locals, I’m running fabulous Inks and Paints classes with 19onGreen!

I also provide inclusive face painting and glitter tattoos, support work for NDIS and private clients, consulting, speaking/training/workshops, and work on various boards. My schedule is frequently at capacity so please book ahead.

Some of my bigger projects:

  • Wellbeing training for gender diverse Google employees
  • My TEDx talk on Emotionally safer sex
  • Co-designing an inclusive state-wide mental health consultation for SA government
  • My video on the value of Inclusive Workplace practices
  • Editing and illustrating Inside Voice with SHINE SA and Hepatitis SA, a handmade book of submissions for and from SA prisons.


Image description: My ‘Undivided Heart’ logo, rough black line work of a person of undetermined race, age, and gender with stained glass style divisions inside, each a different bright colour. In the chest is a heart shape that is neither divided nor coloured. To the right of the image are the words Authenticity, Diversity, and Community.