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The Big Project: My Blog 

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This site has been home to my Blog and grown from there. The Blog has been my largest and longest running art project and is very dear to my heart! It’s at over 1,000 posts, and averages about 4,000 page views a month. I share very openly and honestly about my life and work to humanise and connect with people. There are a number of ways to explore my Blog:

Find the latest Blog posts here, or explore a random Blog post.

To find my Top Articles about a specific topic, try these links:

Use the Blog Topics to help you find all articles on one theme, such as all poetry, or use the search box at the end of every page, it’s pretty good.

To start from the beginning, go to What am I up to at the Moment? from 1 August, 2011.

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  • Twitter: @sarahkreece I mainly send blog links and reposts of mental health articles on twitter. You may get treated to the occasional short poem.
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Q. Do you mind if I share your Blog post?
A. You’re welcome to, this is a public Blog. I exercise creative commons attribution, non commercial, no derivatives copyright over all the work on this Blog. This means:

  • Reblogging is welcome. All posts (articles) have Reblog and Press This options at the end.
  • Sharing on social media is welcome. There are many options provided at the end of posts.
  • I am happy for anyone to print and keep posts for their own personal use.
  • If you wish to use my work in a commercial setting, such as teaching or therapy, you need my permission. This is a common request and I am very accommodating, ideally you will offer to support me in some way.
  • If you want to reproduce my posts in full somewhere, you need my permission.
  • If you want to reproduce and edit or modify my posts somewhere, you need my permission.
  • If you wish to share an image from this blog, without the context of a post, you need my permission.

Reblogging, sharing, and commenting are also welcome for those with diverse opinions, including criticism, disagreeing, and sharing different experiences.🙂 This does not include abuse.

Q. Why do some links take me to
A. I started this Blog on blogger, then after two years moved it across to wordpress. A few old posts still have backlinks to the original site.

Q. Where do you get your images?
A. Most of the pictures on here I’ve taken myself. These are all watermarked to discourage theft.🙂 The rest I usually find on royalty free stock photo sites such as rgbstock.

Q. Why is your Blog called ‘Holding my childhood to ransom’?
A. It’s a line from a song by Nick Cave, one of my favourite artists.