Hello wonderful folks!

Welcome to my online home, which is all about Creativity, Diversity, & Inclusion. ❤ I share opportunities and free resources through my Mailing List, or Blog.

I run a small Adelaide based team of disability support workers. We work face to face or phone/online providing support to people who have self managed or plan managed NDIS funding. Learn more here.

ID: We heart NDIS text in a purple circle.

Some of my other projects:

  • My TEDx talk on Emotionally safer sex
  • Co-designing and facilitating an inclusive state-wide mental health consultation for the SA government
  • Wellbeing training for gender diverse Google employees
  • My video on the value of Inclusive Workplace practices
  • Editing and illustrating Inside Voice with SHINE SA and Hepatitis SA, a handmade book of submissions for and from SA prisons.


ID: My ‘Undivided Heart’ logo, a watercolour painting. Rough black lines in the shape of a person of undetermined race, age, and gender with stained glass style divisions inside, each a different bright colour. In the chest area is a heart shape that is neither divided nor coloured. To the right of the image are the words Authenticity, Diversity, and Community.