About Sarah K Reece

I’m an Artist, Consultant, and Social Entrepreneur

I live in South Australia with my beloved fiancée called Rose on my blog, and our critters; Zoe, and the three cats are (clockwise from top right) Tonks, Sarsaparilla, and Bebe.


I’m a Mum

It’s been a hard road, including the miscarriage of our dearly loved Tamlorn. Rose and I decided to share our pregnancies from pre-conception care through and document the journey publicly. We now care for two beautiful girls, called Star and Poppy on this blog.

57 Rainbow Baby home scan WM

I am open about my own diversity

I have experienced disability and previously needed a wheelchair due to several chronic physical illnesses, such as endometriosis & adenomyosis, and fibromyalgia. Currently my health is well managed. I identify as bisexual, genderqueer, and multiple. (my pronouns are they/them out she/her) I have had Post traumatic Stress Disorder and can still have a tough time with anxiety.

I share the good times and struggles through my blog. Being visible is at times challenging but it’s an important part of finding our common humanity and making the world more accepting of diversity. Articulating personal experience, and safely exploring sensitive topics is a passion.

I’m excellent at navigating vulnerability

I work a lot in service design and delivery as an innovative thinker and sensitive facilitator. I’m highly reflective and well read. I draw on principles of Partipatory Action Research, Social Action Art, Co-design, Open Dialogue, Systems Theory, and Peer Support. I have a passion for vulnerable communities.


My life has been full

A lot of it has been very hard. It’s also been amazing. I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of both the beauty and the horror. I’ve come through homelessness, domestic violence, severe illness, I’ve cared full time for suicidal loved ones, struggled with self harm and self hate, and been so severely dissociative it felt like I was dead. This is where I’ve developed many of my skills; walking past a cafe when I was 15 and seeing a stranger in distress, and sitting with her to talk her out of her suicide plan. Caring for a couple as one of them dies through terminal cancer. Binding a friend’s self harm wounds.

Not all learning comes through suffering; I’ve also watched a meteor shower from my roof, birthed my daughter into water, received a standing ovation at a major conference, seen the moon rise over a great salt lake in the desert, learned to ride a motorbike at 7, received emails from strangers saying my work has saved their life, sold thousands of dollars of artwork at exhibition, and laughed so hard with friends that I fell off my chair!

I don’t allow the reduction of my story down to something inanely simple – tragedy, triumph, or recovery. I delight in the complexity and contradictions of my own and others’ experiences.