About Sarah K Reece

Who am I? I’m a mad artist

This is the shortest and simplest way to hang an identity on my shoulders.

I’m an Artist, Small Business Owner, and Social Entrepreneur

I’m part of a Tribe

I live in South Australia with my beloved fiancée called Rose on this blog, and our critters.

Our mixed breed mad dog is Zoe, and the three cats are (clockwise from top right) Tonks, Sarsaparilla, and Bebe. I adore animals. I gave Sarsaparilla to my neighbour after her cat was killed by a car, so he’s moved in with her and is thriving. I have a large network of amazing people from all walks of life who I value and share with.


I’m a Mum

It’s been a hard road, including the miscarriage of our dearly loved Tamlorn. Rose and I decided to share our pregnancies from pre-conception care through and document the journey publicly. We now care for two beautiful girls, called Star and Poppy on this blog.

57 Rainbow Baby home scan WM

I’m interested in just about everything

I love a huge range of hobbies. I read every day, and reread my favourites every year. Rose and I read to each other almost every night. I love writing – fiction, non fiction, memoir, poetry. I enjoy all forms of art and craft except knitting. I’m into camping, cooking, exploring, gardening, games (board and computer), music, movies, learning new stuff, hanging out with friends, and drinking chai lattes. Yes, I was a highly creative kid too. So is the rest of my family.


‘I’ was actually ‘We’

I live openly as a multiple (a group of parts or selves) and am passionate about promoting inclusion, support and opportunities for people who experience multiplicity. Here are photos of some in my system:

Welcome to Multiplicity

I’m Queer

I’m openly bisexual/pansexual – this orientation persists despite the gender of whoever we are currently with, or when we are single! Ie we are not straight when with a guy, lesbian when with a chick, or asexual when single.

Logo for group The Gap

I experience disability

Psychiatric disability such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the past, and physical disability due to several chronic physical illnesses, such as endometriosis & adenomyosis, and fibromyalgia. This is very up and down – good and bad days, good years and bad years. I have at times been severely unwell, housebound, and a wheelchair user. While chronic pain is an ongoing issue, my health has made major improvements since those days, and I manage it with great care to be able to run my business and networks.


I’m also, occasionally, genuinely ‘mad’

I have some unusual experiences around hearing voices and psychosis which I manage with intense art making, support at home, and minimum of fuss. I used to collect diagnoses. The obvious ones are Post traumatic Stress Disorder at 14 and then Dissociative Identity Disorder/DDnos at 23. I’ve learned a lot from my peers and brilliant mentors, and I’m proud to be part of the international Hearing Voices Movement.


Life has been full

A lot of it has been very hard. It’s also been amazing. I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of both the beauty and the horror. I’ve come through homelessness, domestic violence, severe illness, I’ve cared full time for suicidal loved ones, struggled with self harm and self hate, been so severely dissociative it felt like I was dead. I’ve also slept on the roof watching a meteor shower, cuddled a day old kitten, tumbled down sand dunes in a desert, swam naked at midnight, gardened in lightning storms, discovered that sex can be amazing even after abuse and with disability, laughed so hard I could barely stay on my chair, danced around on linoleum in my socks. I resent the reduction of my story down to something inanely simple – tragedy, triumph, or recovery. I delight in the complexity and contradictions of my experiences.