In the Media

Making the case for Emotionally Safer Sex, TEDx Adelaide, 2018

Article, Tracey Shelton, ABC, 2018

Research Article, Son Vivienne, Sage Journals 2018

Embracing diversity and mental health in the workplace, SA Mental Health Commission, 2017

PM visit

Article, SANE, 2017

I Live with Multiplicity, Muse Magazine, 2017

Advocacy: Breastfeeding in Public, Channel 7 News, 2017

Exhibition Review, Julia Wakefield, Weekend Notes, 2016

Podcast Interview with Jennie Lenman, Radio Adelaide, 2016

Guest post for SANDS blog, Sarah K Reece 2016

Audio documentary, Radio Adelaide, Suzanne Reece, 2015

Winner of 2015 National Documentary and Features Competition.

Article, The Quarry, Anna Van, 2013