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My Etsy shop is SarahKReece and has beautiful prints of my work.

Things to Watch or Hear

I’ve made short films, youtube clips, spoken poems, and have radio interviews.

Art book Mourning the Unborn

My hand sewn art book about grieving loss and miscarriage.

Oil Paintings

Art from College

I was studying a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and Design, until the funding was shut down. This diverse collection includes digital media projects, sculptures, journal extracts, and artwork in process from concept to finish.

Ink Paintings

I love to work with ink, sometimes with brush, sometimes pen, and sometimes both. It’s a very unforgiving medium as mistakes cannot be erased or easily worked over, but one I feel a strong affinity for.

 Art Shoes

These came about when I was looking for something cheerful to leave with someone who was going through severe depression and a long stay in a psychiatric hospital. I have loved the idea of painting shoes for a long time, and I hit upon the idea of painting a pair of shoes for them. This person loves cats, so I chose to paint this first pair covered with lovely golden cats. If you are crafty and have time, I have a tutorial here on how to paint your own. They are fairly time consuming, often several hours work from start to finish. The tricky part is the heat setting, be really careful! I’m not responsible for burned tea towels or kitchen fires!

Wrist Poems

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Haiga are an ancient Japanese art form where a short poem; haiku or senryu, is presented as part of an illustration. Most modern forms of haiga use a digital photo for the image. I usually prefer the traditional ink painting.

Logos & Illustrations for Presentations & Brochures

I frequently create art for use in my talks, as logos for groups, and to illustrate brochures. Art is a brilliant medium for communication and helps to get across complex ideas quickly. It also humanises presentations and websites and helps them to feel less clinical and dry.

Multiplicity poster

Culinary Art

I’m an avid baker and love fiddly, tasty, decorative food. I especially love not having to find room to store any of it after I’ve made it. I’ve been the birthday cake maker in my family since I was a teen.

2013-10-18 19.58.40-1

Various Media

These artworks are mixed media, sculpture, or a medium I don’t often work in such as watercolour.


Ink not Blood

Photographic series about overcoming self harm and self destructive urges through creativity and expressive art. Please be aware some people may find the depiction of self harm using inks to be graphic or uncomfortable. No actual self harm is ever depicted on this website.

Body painting self portraits & performances

I use face and body paint as artworks in self portraits and as part of performances, usually involving poetry readings.

26-2014-01-09 17.50.10


As a writer and poet I’m passionate about my journals and pens. I sometimes make or decorate them for my own use or as gifts.

Cat art journal 3

Commissioned Works

A small selection of art I have created for a specific brief provided by a client, including logos.

Art commission ink drawing

3 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. Wonderful art work and writing. I have complete admiration and respect for you and feel you have put into words so much that I have felt unable to explain and express in word format. Thank you and Bless you for your ongoing work and sharing.


  2. Hi Sarah, my name is Rosie and I live in South Australia like you. I feel very alone with my problem. and am only just starting to realise how bad it has been.
    That really is scary. I have a very wonderful husband as my carer and he now keeps track of me for me – if that makes sensel. I too am an artist really only starting out with no formal qualifications. My life is very full now and most of the time I am very content. Managing me has been difficult but one of the hardest things has been to cope with myself. Self acceptance has been a long time coming. Would love to hear from you soon.
    Regards Rosie


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