Free Resources

I’m deeply sensitive to the gaps in our community services. I know some desperately needed resources don’t get funded, or even air time. I always make time for unpaid ‘passion projects’ to fill some of these gaps and make sure resources can be accessed by those most in need. Some of these are time limited such as face to face support groups, others are ongoing and can be accessed online.

I use the Recovery Model and Hearing Voices Network Peer-Based approaches for all my community resources. They honor diverse experiences, perspectives, and language by using inclusive and non-clinical frameworks.

The Dissociative Initiative

The multiple community is exceptionally vulnerable, traumatised and largely hidden due to severe stigma and widespread misdiagnosis and misinformation. Suicide rates are extremely high and there is a profound need for better supports and inclusion.

The Hearing Voices Network of South Australia

State networks help people find local groups and resources, whatever organisation is providing them. They are therefore notoriously difficult to maintain and often impossible to fund. I actively ran a number of resources for many years, this website is the remaining part of those projects. I no longer run any support groups, but the links remain up to date, and I still send out free Welcome Packs and direct people to other local groups and resources.

Orange Bottles

A database of free resources about taking and stopping psychiatric medications, and medications with a psychiatric effect.