Quick Media Guidelines

Thank you for checking in! Hope this helps.


  • Sarah, or Sarah K Reece (never Sarah Reece, please)


  • They/them or she/her


Links should be to this website www.sarahkreece.com not my Facebook page or other social media, unless they are the subject of the article.


You are welcome to use photos from my profile page. Please get permission before using any other photos on this website.

Work Titles

You are welcome to describe me as an artist, writer, poet, blogger, activist (on the topics of peer, lived experience, recovery, mental health, health, disability, chronic illness, and/or diversity), peer mentor, speaker, trainer, or community development consultant – use whichever is relevant.


My primary qualifications are a Cert 4 in Mental Health Peer Work, a Cert 3 in Microbusiness, and currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Sing out if you’d like a resume or for more details check out the rest of my website.


My family use pseudonyms in public: my partner is Rose, our two kids are Star and Poppy, each uses she/her pronouns.


I identify as queer. I also use the terms bisexual, non binary, or genderqueer.

I have a lived experience of adversity and mental health problems.

I am multiple or experience multiplicity. I do not have DID. I formerly had DID, or was diagnosed with DID. eg. “Sarah was formerly diagnosed with DID, but now identifies as multiple”.