Support Team

I am a diversity and inclusion specialist, running a small team of disability support workers around Adelaide. Currently we work from Elizabeth to Happy Valley.

We are a small family business, with a diverse team. Most of us have personal experience of disability or caring for loved ones with disabilities. We base our work on principles from:

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Relationship led support
  • Peer based services
  • Values based decision making
  • The Social model of disability
  • The Dignity of Risk framework
  • The Recovery model of mental health service provision
  • Continuous improvement model

We are experienced working with folks who are neurodivergent, queer, have mental health difficulties, and trauma histories.

Sometimes we assist folks in complicated situations such as homelessness.

We try and match you with the most suitable staff and help you build your own small team of familiar staff We work to build safety and rapport, and generally start slow with small hours and build up supports over time. We work with all ages and also families with more than member with a disability.

We don’t work with people who are agency managed, need 24/7 care, or need us to implement restrictive practices. We are not registered and are too small to guarantee we can fill every shift all the time, so people with life threatening care needs are better served by larger companies. We’re very happy to be part of a bigger team or work alongside independents. We don’t offer non relationship based support, such as only cleaning services when no one is home. Some non face to face time however is absolutely fine.

Ask to see a service agreement for more information on how we work, our costs and what to expect.

The sorts of things we can do:

  • Getting out into the community, access to groups, hobbies, events, camps, gym, sports, walking, etc
  • Building confidence, reducing overwhelm, assistance in understanding and managing your disability
  • Domestic support, keep the home or garden running well
  • Meal support, fresh meals, batch cooking, meal planning, shopping, skill development
  • Admin support, keeping track of the diary, getting to appointments, following up on tasks, managing mail, organising paperwork
  • Medical support, attending appointments, following up tests, communicating with health professionals, support with meds
  • Personal support, assistance managing continence, self care, hygiene, etc
  • Supporting parents and carers with their tasks
  • Emotional support, mentoring, people you feel comfortable with
  • Study support, assistance in keeping on track with school or studies, getting homework done, liaising with institutions
  • Making time for hobbies, arts, crafts, games, gardening, pets, fishing, bikes etc.

Meet some of the Team

We are a diverse group with a range of skills and disabilities. We’re all friendly and approachable. None of us will turn up and just hang out on our phone. We learn about you and do our best to have your back.

ID headshot of a smiling fair skinned person with brown hair and classes, wearing a black and white check shirt.

Morgan (they/them) is a creative soul with a passion for queer and neurodivergent inclusion. They are studying social work part time and have many years experience in community services and advocacy. They are highly skilled and experienced and particularly love supporting people in creative ways. They are a fully trained chef. Morgan works with all ages. Morgan’s disabilities mean they don’t generally work early mornings or shifts longer than 5 hours.

ID A dark skinned smiling young man with short thick black hair and beard , wearing a black hoodie and jacket.

Zaki’s background is in IT, he changed to disability support work to be able to spend more time with people. He particularly enjoys supporting adults and families. He’s great with transport, domestic assistance, and helping people get more active. Don’t ask him to cook anything more complicated than toast! He loves travelling, sports, cycling, movies, going to the beach and having a coffee with friends.

ID Smiling headshot of fair skinned guy with a chestnut beard, wearing a black beanie and check shirt.

Lachlan (he/him) comes from a retail background and really enjoys working as a peer and helping people to improve their quality of life. He loves dogs and has just taken on his third. He loves to play games (both video and board games), read, garden, go bowling, cooking, gym and craft. He hopes to become a counsellor to better support people who have been through similar difficulties to those he’s experienced. He is great at domestic support, community engagement, and helping people figure out what they need.

ID Laughing mature lady with golden brown hair and a big three strand necklace with blue stones.

Penny (she/her) has a background in business and admin so she’s fabulous with Personal Assistant style support. She also helps with homework, meal prep, and arts and crafts. She loves to do scrapbooking and card making. Penny works with teenagers and adults. Her disabilities mean she can’t access homes with more than two flights of stairs, and she doesn’t offer intensive cleaning or any gardening support.

ID Smiling person with light brown skill, Brown eyes and curly long brown hair, wearing red and black check and taking a selfie in front of their desk with laptop visible in the background.

Shannon (she/they) has come to disability services from a hospitality background. They’ve worked in aged care and with folks with high mobility needs but have a passion for supporting neurodivergent people. She streams on twitch, loves YouTube and anime, D&D, and gaming. Her other hobbies include writing, art, drawing. They are great at helping people around the home, and getting people linked back into their hobbies.

Examples of our work

Spent many months building trust with a person who struggles with severe paranoia and couldn’t initially let anyone into their home. Our team now cooks, cleans, manages medications and helps them attend local events.

Provided daily text based mental health checks ins for a person with vulnerable mental health who finds visits and phone calls stressful during tough times. Maintained first aid kit to address self harm and provided non judgemental access to emergency health care when needed.

Supported a child to build their skills and confidence by implementing suggestions from OT and psych at home. We planned parties and events, organising the location, cooking the food, making decorations, and managing public transport.

Reach out to see if we can help.