Need support?

I’m now taking clients as a Doula!

A doula is a non-medical companion, coach, or supporter who provides emotional support and practical help. We often have a specific focus such as birth or death support. My focus is on helping people navigate diversity and difference such as:

  • Gifted & Talented
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Dissociation/Multiplicity
  • Schizophrenia/Psychosis/Voice Hearing
  • Disability/Chronic Illness
  • Creativity
  • Autism/Neurodiversity
  • Miscarriage/Infertility
  • Sexual Health
  • Peer Work/Advocacy

Bookings are by the hour and can be online or face to face, just with you or including as many people as you wish. Our work together is tailored to your needs, and might take the form of:

  • Peer supervision, support, and mentoring
  • Practical care in your home or other settings, such as support through a medical or dental procedure
  • Training, speaking, or education

I’m not a counsellor, therapist, or doctor, although I can help you access and navigate medical and clinical services, or refer you to books, websites, other people and resources.

My rates are $150 an hour. Speaking or training is a 3 hour minimum booking.

Free Resources

Direct support isn’t always what’s needed. I have a range of free resources you can access in your own time.

My Blog

I’ve written many articles about diversity which are freely available on my blog.

The Dissociative Initiative

A peer based international network for, by, and about people who experience any form of Dissociation, Amnesia, and Multiplicity.

The multiple community is exceptionally vulnerable, traumatised and hidden. Suicide rates are extremely high and there is a profound need for better supports and inclusion for people like us. Everyone is welcome, peers with lived experience, family friends and carers, professionals, and others with an interest. Our Online Discussion Group has 1,000+ members.

The Hearing Voices Network of SA

Peer based local resource directing people to our local support groups and other resources. For, by, and about people who hear voices or have other experiences that may be termed ‘psychotic’. All are welcome.

The hearing voices community suffers significant stigma and marginalisation and is at high risk of human rights abuses in services. With social support and access to appropriate resources, people can and do recover or live well with their experiences.

Orange Bottles

Self help website linking online and print resources about managing or safely stopping medications that have a psychological impact or are intended to treat mental illness. Derived from suggestions by the ISPS email group.