My Services

I’ve honed a wide range of Arts, Peer Work, and Community Development skills across many projects and in partnership with many organisations. Please contact me for a resume or to discuss your situation.


Please inquire about a licence to use one of my artworks, or to commission new illustrations for your project. I specialise in editorial work and unique health engagement. I’m experienced with powerpoints alongside presentations, community engagement, and illustrations for print. Here’s an example of a collection of my illustrations commissioned for a large consultation project by a Govt dept.

Public Speaking & Training

Learn more here. My work draws on two fields: Resilience and Diversity. I share based on my personal and professional experience in these areas:

  • LGBTIQ matters
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Mental Health, Recovery, Caring
  • Dissociation/Multiplicity
  • Schizophrenia/Psychosis/Voice Hearing
  • Disability/Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain
  • Creativity/Arts
  • Miscarriage/Fertility
  • Sexual Health
  • Peer Work/Advocacy
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty/Social Determinants of Health


I offer a very limited number of hours for personal online support. I am a qualified mental health peer worker with many years experience providing one to one support. A peer worker is a non-medical companion, coach, or supporter, not a counselor, therapist, or doctor. I will not diagnose, test, or treat any condition. I offer confidential peer supervision or mentoring, share experiences, strategies, resources, and a listening ear from someone who has been there – see my areas of experience above. I’m happy to be sounding board for practitioners needing input. I particularly specialise in supporting other peer workers.

My process is one of facilitating a safe space for conversation and reflection. This can be via video chat online, phone call, or an email exchange. Video or voice conversations may be followed up with emails to share resources, remind of topics discussed, and support your own process.

One off conversations are welcome. I have some availability for ongoing support.

My rates are $150 per 1 hour video/voice session, or 6 emails exchanged (3 emails from me in reply to 3 from you). Some evenings and weekend times available.

Community Development

Learn more here. Projects can be the most exciting and exhausting thing you do. Community engagement is so important and can be a real challenge.

I champion the use of peers at all stages of engagement, and I have huge peer based experience myself. When you need someone smart, organised, and creative to bring a great idea to life with passion and sensitivity, think of me. I offer support with design/co-design, facilitation, writing, research, project management, and consultation. Short and long term projects considered dependent on my schedule.

Art Exhibitions, Residencies, and Projects

I can bring an exhibition or art collection on a theme to your workplace or community to complement your conference, or start an important conversation in a human and engaging way. This can be as comprehensive as a full exhibition of original works, or as easy as a pop up exhibition of digital images on a slide show.

I can partner with you as an Artist in Residence, to develop a new art work or body of art as a reflection on interviews and community engagement.

I can support your community to develop their own art through collaborative workshops such as book or zine making, water colour paintings, and poetry writing.