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All training includes time for facilitated reflection. I trained with Arana Pearson in adult learning principles with a special focus on supporting people to explore, question, and integrate new ideas and experiences. Real learning doesn’t come from merely accepting what we are told by an expert. It happens when we are both safe enough, and challenged enough, to really engage.

People feel challenged, heard, and excited. They leave with new insight into the topic, new confidence to engage it, and a change in perspective that’s sometimes life changing. I often include handouts, further reading, and email follow up.

My speaking is always built on a foundation of peer work. I have lived experience in every topic I discuss, so it’s authentic, human, and relatable. But I go beyond personal experience, and add my experiences as a carer, as a professional, and my wide reading on these topics. This unique blend makes my training extraordinarily useful.

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Peer Work Talk
My beautiful illustrations from the talk: Peer Work, a consumer perspective