Ink painting: Stripey cat

I’ve been having a wonderful time with my inks lately, in the evenings while Poppy sleeps. I’ve restocked my Etsy shop with all the prints I’d sold out of over the past few months, and been happily painting and getting ink on my fingers again. This wonderful stripey cat  turned up quiet without any plan the other night, and tickled my fancy. It feels incredibly good to be combining art  and motherhood. I am so happy at the moment. ❤

Toe kisses

2014-10-04 08.38.34-1

I’ve been waking at around 5 – 6am every morning for the past few months, which is incredibly frustrating. I’ve started using phenergan on nights when I don’t have to be very awake the next morning, which is helping although often leaving me feeling drowsy and dazed the next day. If Rose is sleeping over that night I’ll roll over and carefully snuggle up without waking her. If it’s warm or she’s already only lightly sleeping, I’ll usually gently put out a foot until we’re touching toes. The contact often reduces my anxiety about not sleeping and helps me get back to sleep.

This morning I reached out a foot and then realised Rose wasn’t sleeping over. Tonks however, was snuggled at the foot of my bed, and more than happy to kiss toes until I fell back to sleep. 🙂