Hanging out with a 3 year old

The other day I was hanging out with Rose, her mate, and her nephew. The nephew is 3, I’m going to call him Rocketman. We went off on a long drive and Rose was teaching him how to figure out what words rhyme. Tunnel and funnel, dog and frog. My favourite was necklace and fishface. The endless string of questions that kids of this age ask start to be presented in rhyme which is a weird twist. I like turning the questions around on him, especially when it feels like he’s asking for the sake for asking ‘But WHY, Sarah?’… ‘Why do you think?’ Sometimes you get great answers.

Sometimes the questions are too damn good to answer. Rocketman asks ‘Does wee pee kill zombies?’ Aw man. I hope so, kid. That would make surviving the apocalypse a whole lot more manageable. It’s all down to finding a drink.

I’m still sick. Hope your week is going better.

Recipe for fun with kids

Rose and I are doing our first kid sleepover! One of her nieces has recently turned 13 and come to stay for the night as a treat. We’ve done amazing glitter tattoos, takeaway Indian, a movie (we watched Rise of the Guardians for the first time, I loved it), a midnight picnic down the beach, and tomorrow has plans for board games, op shopping, and cake. 🙂

I have been drowning in adult responsibilities lately and SO MISSED being silly, having a laugh, getting sand in my ears. Just the beauty of the beach at night was enough to cut through the sense of deadening mundane. I’m blessed. 🙂

Recipe for midnight picnic:

  • 1 Mad Dog
  • 1 Themos of hot chocolate
  • 1 packet of Raspberry licorice
  • 1 large beach towels
  • 3 Beanies
  • 3 Jackets

Take all to beach around 11.30pm. Dispense onto sand. Start ticklefight. 

Zoe ran excitedly around like a mad thing, dug holes, half buried us in sand, knocked us over, and cracked the occasional rib. We got into an argument about whether you could see Victor Harbor from Grange beach. We discussed the probability of a mysterious apparition in the sky being a spy platform, a swarm of flying scarab beetles, or a cloud. We threw a stick for Zoe. We lay down in a huddle and star gazed.