Poem – Voices in the Night

I wrote this yesterday, after driving home from a full, wonderful day of Tafe, excitement, and visits with friends. I often crash and become depressed at the end of days like this, this time a conversation happened inside on the drive home and a different part came out instead.

Home, through rain and night, after a day
Bright with people, the suns of their hearts, warm company
My house aches ahead on the road, cold and empty
And I feel the chill in my chest
Heart constricting, streetlamps
Pierce me with white knives
Rain falls like swords, and on the road
Black water pools like mirrors and
the night gathers close around me.I’m afraid
To be alone
don’t be
I’ll catch you falling

It hurts
it’s also beautiful
why does the light have to go?
because this is where the art lives
I love the people, their voices, my voice
I know. I love the silence, the strength in solitude. We walk both worlds.
Will I come back?
am I loved?
let go, and the fear will ease
burrow down in my heart, 
this dance is mine.

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Poem – The things we don’t speak of

From my journal, 2011

And you want to know
about the things we don’t speak of
the places
only the mad ones go
that world is an island
we always walk alone

there is no speaking of it
who am I to break the silence?
to admit to agony
to betray my loneliness

if I only could
I would take you there
I would meet you there
where the light is orange
and the shadows breathe

if I only could
I would walk those streets forever
and you would hear my song
come in through the windows
closed against the night

you would meet me here
and there would be no words
or need for words
in that night there is only
the language of tears
and of touch.

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