New Oil Painting

Today I started a new art class at the Adelaide Central School of Arts. We’re learning the techniques of the old Masters, copying an old artwork on the process. This is how all apprentice artists used to learn, back in the days of guilds.

The smell of the paint is beautiful. Choosing the artwork to copy was difficult. I was drawn to a child, and to an elderly beaded man, and a young man in a green velvet coat… But chose this woman (on the left) with her flowing gown.

This is just the underpainting, a wash over a ground, designed to start setting the tonal value of the work. Next week we’ll add the light areas and the following week begin painting skin tones.

It was a pleasure to be among artists again, I have felt lonesome lately. The teacher was engaging and not too intimidating, and the rest of the class had a good vibe, friendly and ernest. I’m grateful and looking forward to the next one.