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I’ve done some training in media through Radio Adelaide, and also enjoy creating small projects such as films, animation and spoken poems. Here’s a scattering of my work over many years, some very early:

Short Film Clip: Sarah K Reece on the Enriched Workplace

4 minute clip discussing mental health in the workplace.

Podcast: Interview on Radio Adelaide Arts Breakfast

My experience of miscarriage as an artist, my 2016 exhibition Waiting for You, and the launch of my first artbook Mourning the Unborn.

Short Film: Regeneration

The result of a Film Making Bootcamp, collaboration with three other people. We were given the topic ‘Mental Health and Community’.

Spoken Poem: Night

My first recording of reading one of my own poems.

Podcast: My personal experience of voice hearing

Following a Rufus May workshop back in 2012, I shared my thoughts about my experiences and understanding of my own voice.

Stop motion Animation: Dogboy and the Gift

A college assignment, collaboration with 2 other people. We had to make a stop motion using the idea of chewing gum in some form.