Starting up at TAFE again

I’ve booked back into TAFE, one subject each in Terms 3 and 4. It’s very exciting! Term 3 is Jewellery Fundamentals, and Term 4 is Small Object Making (sculpture in miniature). I have very little experience with jewellery making, but I find it fascinating. I did a short WEA introductory course last year and made this lovely pendant:

I later took the concept and used it to develop a logo for the Therapeutic Group I facilitate at the Mental Illness Fellowship. (MIFSA) The group is for people who experience dissociation or multiplicity, such as those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, hence the stained glass window effect with different parts making up a whole.

I was worried about how I’d get to the campus – I’m doing, painfully slowly, a bachelor degree in Visual Arts at the Adelaide College of the Arts, which is the Tafe arts building on Light Square. One of a number of reasons I chose it is that the campus is literally a building – which is about the size I can cope with. Less strangers, less getting lost, less adjustments. And everyone there is a strange arty person. The downside is the lack of available parking. I’m in at MIFSA on Thursdays, so last year’s option of catching in a bus from home is not at all convenient. I was trying to come up with some clever plan whereby I parked outside of the city and bussed in. Nothing was working, so late the night before hand I decided I would just have to park in a UPark this time round and try and find a more financially viable option next week. I found there was a UPark on Light Square, which is fantastic. Even better, I discovered they charge a flat rate on weekdays after 4pm! So I was able to park nearby, cheaply, out of the rain. No waiting in the wet and the dark at the bus stop! Stoked!

Walking back into the AC Arts after so long I was hit by this awesome smell – hard to identify, paints, inks, clay… the smell of art. I felt myself relax instantly and feel at home. That’s a pretty huge achievement for someone like me, when I’ve only done one class there so far. This great start was slightly marred when I realised that in my food prep that morning I’d packed lunch, dinner and snacks but forgotten something to drink. And then the vending machine ate my money and didn’t give me a drink. 😦 Without some liquid pick me up I was falling asleep during the talk part of our class, but once I got my hands on some metal I woke right up and had a great time sawing and using the drill for the first time. Something else for my wishlist… I want a jewellery drill. Then I could make all kinds of objects into beads and turn them into jewellery or sew them onto things. I’m really glad to be back there, it’s something great to look forward to every week now. Products of my first lesson? Not all that exciting yet:

See what I made at my next lesson here.

I appreciate hearing from you

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