Planning new shoes

I spend a fair amount of time at a local psychiatric ward at the moment. Lately, I’ve discovered they have a great art room, so I’ve started taking along some of my things to work on there. Helps to keep my stress level down a bit when I’m visiting. I’m getting better, I used to be frantic in one of these places. I’m not a locks on doors kind of person. So, here’s my workspace with the awesome coloured table cloth. I’m drafting designs for my next pair of shoes.

They will have multicoloured butterflies on them, somewhat like this birthday cake I made for myself a number of years ago. (yes, these butterflies were icing, I made them and we ate them)

Looking forward to trying the new acrylics with them. (shoes, not cake) I think I’ll accent in gold instead of black for these. And maybe include some coloured bugs, shiny Christmas beetles and the like.

The other day I was watching someone use their smart phone as a reference for a picture they were making in art. That’s so handy, I’d love to be able to do that. I print mine out at the moment, but its painful as the ink costs a lot. Mind you I guess you get the tracing option when you print – can’t imagine that would be easy with a phone!

I appreciate hearing from you

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