Painting painting

This post is the third of eight, showing this artwork develop from start to finish. See the first parts:
1. Mental Health Week Exhibition
2. Progress…

Okay, today I managed to spend another hour in the cold in a car park waiting for the RAA… drove in that heavy rain we had this morning and forgot to turn my lights off when I parked. That was after turning up to the wrong venue for my appointment! My stars are not aligning this week.

But, I have managed to make more progress, one of the tricky parts has been re-matching the paint colours from earlier portions. I started this project over a year ago – but I did keep an aid – my old dried out paint palette to help me colour match. Still took about 1/2hr to mix all the blues up correctly. I think they’re harmonizing well though, I don’t think anyone will be able to tell old work from new.

Finished the beading work, hoping to get the blues all done tonight and maybe even the face painted and stitched on too. Then the frame, fringe and embellishments, and everything photographed, framed, and the application form completed. Getting there!

See the next step here.

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