The kite progresses…

This post is the fourth of eight, showing this artwork develop from start to finish. See the first parts:
1. Mental Health Week Exhibition
2. Progress…
3. Painting painting

Making major progress on the kite. I’ve finished painting all the blue areas at last!

I’m so glad that part’s done with! And here is why it took so long:

See that tiny brush? Yes. Lesson for next time – use a bigger brush! In the middle is my old palette which I used to colour match exactly my new palette of blues. I keep these for weeks by misting them with water and wrapping them in cling wrap. Next, painting my PMC face, takes a few layers for good coverage.

I attach her face with screws to a piece of dowel that will become part of the frame at the back that hangs the whole piece. (as needing to be pegged to the curtains is not a hanging method widely accepted by galleries, sadly)

Now, time for some more sewing… at last, something I can do and watch a movie at the same time. I’ve been listening to movies that are primarily dialogue driven while painting this, which rules out my subtitled foreign film collection. Coupling and Spooks episodes work well, Bladerunner of course is great as I know every scene by heart anyway. Robin Hood – the Disney version, is very sing-a-long-able, as is Labyrinth. Igby goes down was great except it kept making me cry. And one night I packed it all in and curled up on the couch with Cyrano de Bergerac, one of my all time favourites, which needs full attention due to rapid subtitles. So there you go. This weeks recommendation for inspiring movies to paint to.

See the next step here.

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