Abbie is not a happy cat yet

I’ve just brought Abbie home today and she is very miserable with a cold. The vet is hopeful that if I can keep food and water in her, she’ll recover quickly and build up her strength. She is very phlemy and unhappy right now, hopefully we can stop it turning bacterial.

Poor Abbie, new shaved areas she’ll have to grow out. At least its not cold anymore.

She’s mouth breathing as her nose and throat are all blocked up. I’ve been told I can wash her face only twice a day else her skin will likely become irritated.

Poor little darling. We have some extra top notch kitten food, which she’s been eating and keeping down at the vets so hopefully we can replicate that. She’s curled up on my bed in a patch of sunshine dozing at the moment. Still gives a lovely lovely purr when you stroke her or scratch her ears. Such a sweet cat!

I appreciate hearing from you

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