The kite is complete

This post is the last of eight, showing this artwork develop from start to finish. See the first parts:
1. Mental Health Week Exhibition
2. Progress…
3. Painting painting
4. The kite progresses…
5. Theatre and kites
6. Wood carving
7. Finishing the kite and an Award!

At last, she is all done and ready to go. The really good news is that Big Circle Arts extended their deadline until this Friday – so she’s going to make it in! This also means I can get down to the TAFE homework I’m supposed to be doing. 🙂

The finishing was a little tricky and time consuming – which is usually the case. It’s not the most exciting part of making art but it’s important to do a good job or you let the whole piece down. I cut off the sharp ends of protruding screws with my trusty little Dremel (I love this tool!), then dabbed them with a little hot glue to remove any chance of scratching a wall when the kite is hung for display.

I also added a piece of wood to the shorter kite arm to balance the work so that it will hang straight from the centre. I added the wire to hang it from and also strung an additional line of wire across the top edge of the kite and sewed the kite to it to give it strength and prevent it folding over. This was fiddly but I’m happy with the end result.

And here she is at last, a bit bruised and tattered, but beautiful nonetheless:

As you can see I decided the right wing needed a few holes and little embroidery also for balance. And here is a close of up of her face, all nestled in hair now:

So now I can rest easy. What a huge project this has been! I conceived of the idea, planned all the details and purchased all the supplies more than a year ago and have since carried the folded partly painted fabric and the bag of materials and backup work around with me through all kinds of upheaval and two house moves. It is most satisfying to have her finished at last and ready to go on display. May there be many, many more to come!

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