Tiger & Cleo

This morning two new foster cats arrived. This is Tiger:

He’s aptly named, a huge magnificent cat with tremendous presence. He’s about 18mths, and unfortunately has FIV –Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – the cat version of HIV. This can’t be passed on to people or any other animal except other cats, usually through a bite. So, he’s now an indoor only cat so he wont infect any other cats. Cleo has been vaccinated so she’s protected. At this stage his health is good. He’s a bit sneezy which isn’t much to worry about. Early warning signs of sickness are loss of appetite and weight loss, and there’s certainly no problems there! He weighs at least 6kgs by my reckoning, he’s a huge head, big feet, no neck at all, and a solid barrel of a body. And he eats with great gusto! We may need to feed Cleo separately…

Today he polished off her lunch and his. His coat is in excellent condition, soft, thick and shiny. He’s fastidiously clean and have given himself about 4 baths so far today. His markings are gorgeous, the black spots remind me of an ocelot, well that and his size! His paws are all black and his nose is a dusty pink.

He’s obviously been in at least one major scrap, his ears are ragged and his neck is covered in scabs and missing bits of fur.

He has loads of personality. He wasn’t at all intimidated being in a new house. He’s tried lying on all the furniture, sunned himself on all the warm spots on the rugs, admired some box opening and furniture moving, and demanded many cuddles.

Here he is with Cleo, look at the size difference! I’d bet he was the only kitten in the litter. (and yes, that’s our burgeoning Pratchett collection on the shelf there – got to love Book Depository) And now to Cleo, she’s about 4 years old, slender and on the petite side. She’s a gorgeous tuxedo cat with no health issues.

She’s far more timid and antsy. She’s spent a lot of time hiding behind the couch, behind the TV cabinet, under the dresser, behind the washing machine… I’m getting used to the hiding places now which makes life a bit easier. It’s very nerve wracking when a new cat disappears for hours. Here she is looking out the living room window. 🙂

Tiger doesn’t talk at all but Cleo does if she’s confused or upset. She has a really unusual trait in a cat – when she’s very anxious or excited she holds her tail straight up and shakes it, a bit like a rattlesnake!

Her white markings are uneven, she has a white curl over her right shoulder, like she’s thrown over the tail of her scarf. 🙂 She’s also very affectionate, she likes to kiss your face and ‘pumps’ with her feet.

They’re both asleep on the floor of the living room rug at the moment, so the house is quite and contented once again. I’m neurotic about keeping the doors shut and have to be careful not to fall over new furry bodies sleeping in the hallway.

We did get some more information about Abbie after all. She was suffering from kidney failure, likely caused by extensive neglect and malnourishment. It doesn’t show up on blood tests, so that’s why no one knew what was going on. So, there was nothing else we could have done, kidney disease is irreversible in cats. She was loved and safe and kept as comfortable as possible. As will Tiger and Cleo be until we can find them new permanent owners. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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