First shipment of business cards

They finally arrived! The postie delivered them to a neighbour a couple of doors down and he kindly passed them on this evening. The colour isn’t quite what I was expecting. As you can see from this online version, it’s supposed to be a fairly bright strong blue with a slight lean towards teal. The cards I’ve received are a very dark navy/purple instead.

One possibility is that this is the result of the matt finish. I ordered some fridge magnets too which have printed much closer to the true colour:

They have a glossy finish instead so perhaps that’s the key. So next time I’ll consider a glossy finish or a paler background colour keeping this effect in mind. I also think I’ll bump up my font sizes. I can read it okay but I have friends who wouldn’t be able to, at least not without glasses or a magnifier! Things we learn. 🙂 All in all, I’m pretty happy. And they’re here in time for Friday – I’m always asked for cards after a presentation and now I’ll have some to hand out! – you watch I bet now nobody will ask. 🙂 I’m celebrating with black jelly beans.

Sing out if you’d like a card or magnet the next time we meet, or I can pop one in the post for you. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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