Poem – Home

Whee! Tafe tonight was amazing and I’ll post pics and tell you all about it as soon as I have a moment I promise! I’m finalising my talk for the big conference tomorrow and putting in my entry to the Open Your Mind poetry competition at the moment. So, in lieu of a real post, have a poem!


Walking one afternoon I take a different turn
And find that secret other world
Hidden behind the houses
Lanes that lead to abandoned lots
Where kids ride bikes over dirt hills
Old rope swings hang from trees
Ducks explore the drains.

The plants, they may all be weeds
And the river may be bricked
Full of bamboo and plastic bottles
Foam and oil slicks
But it’s so beautiful to me.

4 thoughts on “Poem – Home

  1. I really enjoy your poetry I can relate so much to it and it at times has a grounding effect when I'm a bit shaky/fragile, thanks great work.All the best with your future projects they are encouraging/inspiring.
    Love Chris M.


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