Tafe Pendant

This post the third in a five part series. To see the earlier posts, click on
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2.Tafe Jewellery Fundamentals

Sooo, jewellery making is going really well! I’ve been playing about coming up with a million different designs and holding off making anything until I found one that really inspired me. I trekked in and bought as much silver as my budget can take this week:

That’s 1mm thick and costs $35. The matchstick is there to show you the size. Silver is expensive at the moment! Smaller, finer pendants are actually trickier than larger ones where holes are large enough to fit a needle file for finishing and so forth. So I’ve really had to think hard about how I’m going to come with something I love enough to justify the time and cost put into it, that isn’t so intricate and insanely complex that I’d be in the studio every day of the week trying to get it done in time.

I narrowed my selection down to three possibilities, a two tone sleeping cat, a jellyfish with dangling legs, and a hammered rose petal.

I started brass practice versions of each. Here’s the jellyfish mock-up partly cut out:

I’ve been experimenting with different surfaces to see what I like the best. The hammered surface is really lovely, it has a handmade feel which is much more my style. I also had a play with an engraver for the first time, and fell in love with it! Here’s my first try, a tiny sea scape:

Then I tried text, as it’s much more important to be able to get that exact so it’s readable.

Pretty happy with that! Next, seeing how it turns out using a couple of different backgrounds as contrast. Here is engraving on a hammered background:

Here it is on a sandblasted background:

I was stoked at how well this turned out! Then I tried an even finer engraving tool:

Before playing with my rose petal mock up:

Which I am pretty happy with! So my final project is now to make a hand beaten and shaped rose petal from the silver, twist a loop at the top, engrave it with a line of poetry, and string it with a pearl. That’s a piece I’ll be happy to keep and wear forever. 🙂

To see the next step, read here.

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