Cleo and Tiger make themselves at home

Both gorgeous foster cats have settled in happily since arriving a little over two weeks ago. How the time flies! They’ve been getting a touch of hay fever with the spring weather as the garden goes into bloom. My backyard is awash with blossom and both cats spend a lot of time toasting themselves in the sunny spots by the doors, right where the breeze brings in all the pollen…

I’m hoping down the track to create a cat shelter for them in the backyard so they don’t need to be confined to the house. They follow the sunlight about like devotees, shifting from place to place as the sun moves. They are both such good natured cats, getting quite bouncy in that funny way animals do when it’s spring, dashing randomly about the house. I’ve a little cat toy which is a fluffy heart on a string and I can keep them amused for hours with it. I’ve snapped off some pictures in a quieter moment, here’s Cleo nesting on a blanket on the couch. She has a funny way of sleeping where she lies her head right down, most unusual in a cat:

She’s settled in well, no more frantic doing laps! She loves a cuddle, preferably right up close to your face where she can gaze into your eyes. She still likes high places and can often be found asleep on top of my wardrobe or a bookshelf somewhere.

Here’s Tiger, curled up happily on his favourite green rug:

He’s a big smoochy cat, not so keen on being picked up but he does like to lay across your lap or sleep at the foot of the bed. He’s always up for a chin scratch and is still a kitten at heart, playing with bits of string or balls of scrunched up paper or the dreaded green bug cat toy – that still has the power to make him run to the other end of the house! 

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