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Argh! That last post came in after midnight meaning I technically missed yesterday. I protest that it can’t be a new day yet as I haven’t had any sleep. It shouldn’t clock over until after sleep has happened. So have another post to make up for it. In my defence – today was manically busy. Back to back appointments all the way through to my last TAFE class for the term tonight, didn’t get back home til 9.15pm – and I finished everything! Hurrah! And I didn’t think to take my camera and had to hand it all in on the spot so I can’t show you until after I collect it after assessment. 😦 But it was awesome. I aced the really scary bit, which was engraving my rose petal pendant without chickening out for fear of ruining it. Whee! And then I discovered that we had to submit it on a chain/string/suspension of some kind. Whoops. How did I miss that? I thought we just had to decide on our preferred method and journal about it. Fortunately I was pretty organised last night and threw some ribbon and various colours of cotton thread into my bag along with a bunch of different coloured freshwater pearls (yes, cause I’m the kind of person who always has a bag of multicoloured freshwater pearls lying around just in case). So I made up something on the spot and then added it to my journal to look like I’d put loads of thought into this and deeply planned the final result. In true student style. 😀

So, I hung the pendant on green satin ribbon and threaded pale green cotton stitching through it, with lovely pearls of different sizes and colours tied in along the ribbon. And one large white one dangling over the pendant itself. The poem line I finally chose was I drink the night. Which has multiple layers of meaning to it referring both to the rose and myself the wearer. 🙂

I got a lovely phone call from the Big Circle Arts people this morning asking if I minded if they used one of my artworks on their invitations to the exhibitions at Mental Health Week this year. Of course I said yes! On the proviso that they send me one. Which they will, I’ll post it on here when it arrives. How gratifying! (smug mode engaged)

And, the Persian poetry last night was awesome! Beautiful Persian poets reading melancholy, angry, serene or erotic poems. So different from my own work, and so inspiring. A bunch of us went out for dinner afterwards and ate at a lovely Lebanese restaurant on Hindley Street. Great night out, really enjoyed myself.

And a final reminder – Friday night is our free Forum at MIFSA – Introducing DID. Pass it on. 🙂
Then I’m going to come home and pass out. 

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