Things to get involved in :)

Hullo all, well I have a pile of mail inviting me to various exciting events associated with Mental Health Week which is coming up very soon – Sunday Oct 9th to Saturday Oct 15th, with world Mental Health Day falling on Monday Oct 10th. Which I have just realised I have scheduled a dental appt on. Hmmm.

Anyway. You’ve been invited to a ‘Words Evening’ to announce the winners of the ‘Open Your Mind’ poetry competition and the book launch for ‘Mindfields’, an anthology collected from the competition over the past few years. 

There’s also two art exhibitions coming up by Big Circle Arts – which is run by the Mental Health Coalition of SA, aiming to bring awareness of mental health issues in the community through art. One is for established artists, and the other is for emerging artists – which I have a work in! Do consider coming along to the big night with me!

Mindshare is going to be launched shortly also, it’s a new blog for creativity and mental health. Follow the link to see a great little video about the project. I’ve put myself forward to be involved in the project, and apparently sometime soon I’ll be interviewed by someone from my local Messenger newspaper as part of a series of articles they are putting out to promote Mindshare and raise awareness about mental health. 🙂 They are currently looking for submissions for Mindshare – please consider sending something in! They are seeking short stories, poetry, photographs of artworks, photography as art, original musical recordings, information about mental health services, and people interested in becoming bloggers for the site!

And lastly for all you other artists out there who identify as living with a disability of some kind, the ebullient Caroline Ellison would love to hear from you! I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon being interviewed by her over a scrumptious lunch on Wednesday, pontificating about the meaning of art and the frustrating limitations to the kinds of support offered people with disabilities. She’s Senior Lecturer for the Disability and Community Inclusion Faculty of Health Sciences at Flinders University, and is researching the role that art and creativity can play in the life of a person with a disability. So do please get in touch with her to be involved, her details are:
(08) 8201 3422

Further details of all of these events and more are available on my What’s On page at the top of this blog. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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