Improving the blog

Hullo hullo, those who you who come directly to the blog instead of getting the email feed will have noticed some changes! I’ve been working on some improvements, most especially how the archived blogs are presented. Now you can read all the blog titles for every post in a whole month, instead of having to click on each day to reveal the title. I hope this makes it a bit easier to find whatever it is that you’re interested in – poems, DID info, etc. As the blog is growing I expect I’ll also expand and specify my labels a bit more for the same reasons. New background and bigger font – hopefully makes it all a bit easier to read! I’d like to add a search function to help with navigating the site too, but unfortunately bloggers search box widget isn’t working at the moment. Later hopefully.

For those of you looking for information about DID, another blogger Holly Gray wrote about this topic from a personal perspective for over a year, and has just now decided to wrap her blog up for the moment. You can find her perspective on four factors that can lead to DID here.

Please feel welcome to contact me if there’s something you’re really hoping I’ll blog about. I keep a running sheet of ideas for posts and I can’t promise I’ll get to them fast but I’m very happy to hear from you about what you’re looking for or finding interesting or helpful. Please share any posts with people you think might get some benefit from them too. I’m keeping my ‘What’s On’ page updated, so check there if you’re looking for exhibitions, competitions or other events to be involved in. And I shortly plan to add a ‘To Buy’ page with art and shoes available for sale, and another about my Dissociative Disorder Working Group sharing what we are doing and how people can help out. 🙂

Feedback about all and any of these developments is very welcomed! 

I appreciate hearing from you

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