Mental Health Week Preparation

Hurrah! I’ve taken off to the Box Factory the artworks that have been eagerly waiting their turn for weeks. 🙂 As soon as it’s open to the public I’ll post the details here. I’ve also received my latest shipment of business cards in the mail!

This is a large print version which is easier for some of my friends to read, and has a blank reverse – I can punch a hole in them, thread with ribbon, and use them as price tags or gift cards. I’m really pleased with them! If you need business cards for yourself, I’d recommend Vista Print. If you’re patient and don’t pay for quick postage they cost very little. 🙂

I’ve done very little this weekend, which has been great. I was feeling pretty under the weather and the break has done me good. I have an interview with a photo shoot tomorrow for the  messenger, trying not to get too anxious about it! Thank goodness for antihistamines, or I would always have nervous hives in these official photos!

I appreciate hearing from you

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