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Well, I turned up to Tafe tonight, all excited to start my new Small Object Making Fundamentals course, and I couldn’t find it! In fact, the whole building was being closed up and no subjects were being held there tonight. So I trundled across the road to the other Tafe building hoping the student services would be open, but everything shut early. Library, student support, cafeteria, the whole sheebang. I managed to find some staff working late and knocked on windows. They were very helpful and spoke with security at both campuses, but no one could help. So, I sat out the front of my building for 1/2 hour on the off chance someone I knew would turn up. I ate my peanut butter and jam sandwich, gave up, paid for my parking and came home. No idea what went wrong there!

But my group Sound Minds was awesome as usual, so I’m feeling pretty good!

There’s an exciting training opportunity called SmART, for artists with a disability, or people who work with us here. Places are very limited so get in quick!

Cleo is still pretty unhappy but she’s opening her sore eye a little more so I think that’s a good sign.

My new poppy shoes are looking awesome, I’ll post pics of them tomorrow. 🙂

And, I’ve found out when my interview will  be aired on Radio Adelaide! There will be one each from four of us who’ve been working with HCA, here’s the schedule:

  • Tim – Breakfast – Friday 14th, 6.45am
  • John – Breakfast – Tuesday 11th 7.10am
  • Steve – Barometer – Tuesday 11th sometime between 6pm and 7pm
  • Sarah – Arts Breakfast – Saturday 15th sometime between 9am and 11am

Radio Adelaide is our local community radio station, listen in on 101.9 FM, or online here.

The Feast Festival is coming up in November, check out all the events here.

And the next MIFSA Forum is also coming up – free event – Oct 26th, 1-2.30pm on The Benefits of Mindfulness, so if you want to learn more about this technique for enhancing your mental health, make sure you RSVP to or call on 83784100.

And a reminder that the LAUNCH of the Celebration of Life Exhibition is on tomorrow morning – see my What’s On page for all the details. Free event, everyone is invited! I’d love to see you there. 🙂

Hope you’re having a good evening too!

I appreciate hearing from you

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