Mindshare is Live!

Mindshare is

“a unique space that allows mental health consumers and their supporters a place to creatively tell their stories. It is a community dedicated to de stigmatising mental illness through shared experiences”   Louise Pascale

 And it’s now live, with new material being put up every day! They are also keen for people to submit to the site, so if you have a story, poem, artwork, photo, or great idea for a blog post, consider getting involved! I will be sharing some of my art and posts there, they already have some of my art displayed here, and here. The launch on Wednesday was fantastic, the digital stories are of a really high standard and are really amazing to see. I highly recommend having a look, try starting with Flannel Flower, it brought tears to my eyes. The blog posts so far have also been really interesting. They’ve been working on this project for a long time and the results are excellent.

A quick reminder that my interview on Radio Adelaide airs Saturday morning, between 9 – 11am. As part of a stigma reduction campaign by the HCA, I’ve been recorded being interviewed about living with a mental illness. So tune in to 101.9 FM, or online to hear it!

I appreciate hearing from you

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