Cleo’s eye troubles

My foster cat Cleo has been having a bit of trouble with an eye infection of some kind in her right eye. That’s cleared up really well now but it was getting itchy as it healed and I noticed her scratching it. It seems she’s accidentally infected her left eye. Damn! I was being super careful about cross infection but it’s a bit of a difficult concept to explain to a cat. So now the left eye is being bathed twice a day.

Tiger is still going fine, he seems to have a remarkably strong constitution for a cat with FIV. He currently alternates between trying to play with Cleo, which she’s not in the mood for, and grooming her, which also annoys her a bit. She’s a bit sooky when she’s feeling ill, needs lots of cuddles and attention and feels a bit grumpy about Tiger giving her a good licking when she’s trying to nap. She comes up and prowls my desk when she feels I’ve been on the computer too long and paying her too little attention:

Hopefully the new infection clears up quickly. It doesn’t seem as swollen as the first did, so I’m hopeful it’s not as bad and will heal quickly. She’s very affectionate, sleeps on my bed every night, loves being picked up and cuddled, and has a gorgeous purr. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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