Sculpture class – Hope pendant

This post is the 2nd in a series about my Tafe class Small Object Making. See the first post here.

In this Tafe class we’re supposed to experimenting and exploring different kinds of materials that we can possibly turn into a sculpture. We’ll then be working on two projects, a small sculpture of any kind, and something shaped like a bowl, plus keeping notes on everything in a journal. To get us started we’ve been told to explore paper, wood, metal and plastic. I decided to have a play with my dremel at some wood carving. Here’s how it starts, draw my design – I’ve deliberately captured the lovely small knot in the wood:

Some carving and very fiddly sanding with fine grain sand paper wrapped around a match stick to get into all the little nooks and crannies:

Next, testing of a paint ‘stain’ on the engraved ‘Hope’:

And all finished and waxed:

Just needs a bail and it’ll be a lovely pendant. Made of pine so it’s very light and the wax finish is very smooth and nice to the touch. Very happy! I have decided I love carving.

The next post in this class is

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