Poem – my nights are littered

my nights are littered 
with the corpses of my dreams
hopes I’d had that died
and things I might have been



6 thoughts on “Poem – my nights are littered

  1. Yes many of us in the shadows. Thank you Dani, I appreciate your encouragement. Trying to be a voice for anyone else makes me nervous, but I am glad to be putting into words things it can be hard to talk about or explain. Hoping it helps others because it does help me. x


  2. There are many of us for varying reasons my dear, as you well know. You are a voice for many that stay confined. Hope you're managing, I respect all that you are doing x


  3. Such few words and yet so very powerful, I absolutely adore this piece Sarah… It resonates, as though you prised it from the depths of my being.


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